Happy Bike Day to Me

by hozhijie

Currently serving my duty now in camp. It’s a last minute notice and I consented doing it despite knowing that I will be sacrificing my precious rest and activities away. Thank God that I managed to pull through the day with only some minor but irritating hiccups. I seem to be losing my interest in writing posts already but I hope it’s just me being lazy and not in the mood to do so. I shall try to update an update of this week and the past asap. It’s nothing good actually. Pretty stormy.

Yet, things got better by the day and thanks for those whom I have had my meals with together. Just realised they were pretty good company who made me temporarily forget about the infliction upon me, and they are namely Raymond, Bryan, Amelia, Trevor (newly made friend who is crazy LOL), juniors, church mates, NCO Mates, Xinhui and Sherilyn not in any significant sequence.

Friday and Saturday passed rather slowly and I enjoyed the latter a lot. Visited my band and even attended my school’s College Day at the last minute to support some of my juniors who did remarkably for their 2014 national examination. Proud of them.

The highlight of the week’s highlights would be me getting myself a new bicycle after don’t know how many millenniums. My one day of wait for the arrival of a new Flexi after checking out my childhood stall wasn’t in vain. I missed the days when I used to roam around everywhere on the wheels. Gone are those fond memories. I hope the reignition of such desolete passion can help to ease some stress in me.

Can’t wait for this coming weekends to come.

Oh yeah, I also got myself a new pair of shoes from Levi’s on impulse at a pretty good rate. Hope it’ll match me at least..