Too Fast & Furious

by hozhijie


120415; 2142; Too Fast & Furious
Otw on the train to book in now. This weekend certainly passes too fast. It breezes through in a blink of an eye. I can’t seem to let it go especially when I keep telling myself that this coming week doesn’t seem very appealing.. I shall leave this sharing for later.
Book out was as late as usual around the evening on Friday. For certain reasons which couldn’t be explicitly explained, I was somewhat moody then. I alighted at Bugis with Bryan where we had ramen for dinner. Felt better after dinner. I headed to NET thereafter and led worship. The company really brought much joy and laughter. It’s great seeing the NET coming together again although not everyone was there. It’s a great sharing by Qianhui. Commitment and passion equate to success indeed.
I walked to 126 after the session and met Alson there. All along, I pretended that I didn’t know it’s his birthday and acted as natural as possible. Amelia then arrived shortly after we placed our orders with a cake that pathetically didn’t have candles. When the cake was presented, I brought out the bag of candles I bought prior to the meet. Sad to say this but Alson didn’t seem surprise at all. Upon questioning, he accrued his indifference to my lousy acting as I kept using my phone and looking at the entrance WHEN I have minimised in doing so! Nonetheless, it’s still a pleasant session although Yukeling cmi for personal reasons. His present was more than the company though – with the treat mainly on me and partially subsidised by Sai as I did not have enough cash lol.
I slept late that night and woke up in noon. While having my lunch, I spontaneously watched The Hunger Games. While 2 hours or so was wasted on bed, the marvellous movie compensated for it. I played Audi for awhile before leaving house to catch my church bus with Darren to the Edge.
The service this Saturday was a rather enjoyable one as it’s Prankster Saturday. I casually nominated Qianhui on a slip of form for certain pranks and little did anyone know, it’s chosen on stage from the lottery box LOL. Eventually she had to sit on a baby chair through the service and she was so reluctant hahahah. The sermon was also super apt. My takeaway is to let Jesus be the Centre of my life and I have to have the discipline to follow His way so that His will will be unravelled to me.
After Edge, I took the church bus with Sekkun’s and Raymond’s region, sitting beside my BMT PC awkwardly hahah. The three of us went to NEX and had Monster Curry for dinner. It’s a great catch up and it’s also funny to see Raymond’s reaction after we teased him lol. Bought KOI after that and then headed home. Didn’t manage to sleep early as I was hooked on technology.
Filled with regrets and remorse, I couldn’t wake up for morning service ONCE AGAIN. I made a personal oath that I shall better manage my priories and time to prevent such setback. Overslept and woke up in the noon. Washed up and had lunch before catching a bus for band practice at TPY. The entire 3 hours today passed quicker than expected. It’s a decent delight to meet Joey and Joelynn there. Caught up a little. Made a new clarinetist friend too. The pieces practised were rather interesting too. I really hope I can participate on 7/11.
I then made my way to get myself KOI after practice and patronised my favourite banmian stall for dinner. It didn’t taste really good today as the entire dish tasted a little sour. Maybe it’s just me. The world also couldn’t be any smaller as I met Alson and his friend there after I finished my dinner. It’s like the umpteenth time I’ve met him randomly on the street? After that I went back to koi again to get milk tea for my sis. I’m such a good brother ikr. I also succumbed to my craving by getting 100grams of Famous Amos there before taking a bus back. Visited Fairprice to replenished my stocks and then visited my grandma. Just when I was about to leave for home, I found myself attracted to the broadcast of Iron Man at my uncle’s house for an hour or so. I rushed back home during one commercial break and caught up with the remaining scenes while packing my stuff for book in.
After undergoing a series of training this week, I have learnt to cherish my weekends even more as rest and freedom were really limited in camp. For the upcoming weeks, it’s gonna be days after days of shooting in the range, which means having to wake up at unearthly hours in the morning to embrace the hot sun and heavy gun. I pray that I will be willing and joyful to handle whatever that comes my way irregardless of how tedious or difficult the situation is. I foresee a great prevalence of setbacks and mistakes that burgeon disappointment because new things will be tried out by a slow learner here. I guess I should also ready myself mentally and physically in a long term manner as this is going be the main routine not for weeks but months ahead. Life has never been this hectic.
I’m already 4 train stations away from my destination. Meow. Oh yeah, happy 1 year anniversary to me for POP-ing exactly a year ago.