About Gaming

by hozhijie

Suddenly thought of this topic and since I just logged off from my game, I shall spend some time sharing about my habit and style of online gaming as straight to the point as possible.

I was and am an avid gamer – not to the typical warfare or strategic games that many people, especially guys, in my generation are into but the rather unconventional ones that others hardly speak of. Its mention would probably elicit a form of disdain or disbelief. I was first introduced to online gaming as early (or late depending on how you perceive it) in Primary 5 where I found myself addicted to a rather lame game known as Habbo Hotel lol. I focused on the game a lot and did not invest time on other popular games such as Neopets, Maplestory or Counterstrike at that point of time. I recalled spending hundreds of dollars purchasing online credits and also loaning public computers at some random LAN shops which I regularly frequented. I recalled vividly that I would excitedly visit the LAN with my neighborhood friends located bus stops away from where we stayed. From Joo Seng then to City Plaza, it’s probably worth the time and effort in so doing. Thinking back, I can’t say the same for money lol.

It was Secondary 1 and Asiasoft was the hipster kind of games then. I invested tremendous finance and time on its games comprising of Maplestory and Audition, together with like-minded gamers who originated from everywhere, be it neighborhood, school or virtual world. It has become a passion and eventually a bad habit when addicted started to kick in. I started visiting LAN shops with cheap rates in Bugis, and when it closed down I moved on to Geylang. My friends and I used to indulge in affordable and attractive packages where we at countless times played through night, seeing through two daylights. This routine continued consistently until months before O Levels when I told myself to dedicate more time into studies. Or perhaps I was forced into concentration as my favorite gaming shop in Geylang has closed down.

Interestingly enough, amid all the hardcore gaming, I did bother about studying. My mindset was one that always regarded the importance of academics highly and I would thus dedicate time for it. I remember burning severe midnight oil each night before my Mid-years in Secondary Two and still did decently for it. I believe it is through the grace and blessing of God that I get to strive pleasantly in my studies as my schedule was really wrecked by my bad habit of gaming. Shameless enough to say, my gaming was not in vain for it has brought certain form of glory to my school as I represented it for a national competition hosted by AuditionSEA in year 2010 LOL. They actually called my team and I up on stage to receive the plaque and it’s actually still put on display in the school currently. This form of achievement is also reflected in my portfolio and I am not sure whether to cry of laugh about it hahah.

I stopped gaming completely as I embarked on my JC route for several reasons. One, the amount of workload and commitment, like studies, band and church, are too mountainous and I certainly could not afford the time for gaming. Second, I had yet to find a gaming shop as good as the previous ones. Three, I did not have a computer at home – my laptop was spoilt in the Upper Secondary and my home broadband was subsequently discontinued. The latter two were probably a blessing in disguise as I had less temptations to overcome.

I started to return to my games when I graduated but I only played them at home. It’s certainly not easy to give up on something that brings back much nostalgia and memories. Since then, I would spend some time at home catching up with it. Even now as I am serving in the army, I still turn up online. I guess I shouldn’t be ashamed to admit that I am still playing AuditionSEA and only AuditionSEA as it’s probably the only game that I can play well in and enjoy playing it. I did try to learn DOTA, LOL, Blackshot and many other trending games but I just can’t get it lol. My younger sister is the opposite of me actually lol.

Speaking about AuditionSEA, I feel like the game is getting more boring by the second. In the past when I was really active, people were more willing and excited to embrace songs of faster beats per minute (BPM) and I would usually engage in some form of PK sessions to challenge who had a better skills. That’s the gist and adrenaline of the game which was somewhat satisfying. The computer system I used last time was also a lot better than my incompetent Windows XP now which is super slow and laggy. Currently, users are observed to mainly or usually play slower songs and I was at a disadvantaged end as my computer can’t support the game quality fully unlike the past. One thing that is assuring is how I am greeted at times by old online friends who still remember me from years ago and we would catch up and chat about the past.

I hope to get myself a better computer soon so that not only I can play better in games, but also perform my research more efficiently without much software hiccups. Shall end off with some screenshots from history. Nights.