God’s Will will

by hozhijie

090415; 2314; God’s Will will

Gonna keep this post short as I am super sleepy. Range today was super tedious and tiring yet productive. Did my best for the evaluation test. I was pretty shocked to be shortlisted among the four to compete in the international shoot this May. For the upcoming weeks there will be tons of training to build up for it whereby two qualifying rounds will also take place to choose the final two. Nonetheless, I’m already feeling privileged and grateful that I have this opportunity to be chosen.
I honestly didn’t expect it especially when I screwed my shooting yesterday. While today’s one was better, many others did well too. I almost felt like giving up yesterday and hoped I could be exempted from range today as the initial plan was to exclude the average shooters to take part today. It didn’t proceed as planned though. Still, as mentioned, i have put in my best effort and whatever the outcome is I will accept and trust in His will. He is indeed real and powerful for even doubts and weaknesses can’t surpass. Glory to God for all that He has done.
Something happened at night too which was somewhat humiliating yet serves as a good wake up call. Shall not elaborate it.
The next few weeks or months will be so packed and hectic. I hope that I’m able to adapt to the intensity and demands of the training. May I now sleep peacefully alone tonight as I took over for duty in the evening when I have returned Z_Z