by hozhijie

080415; 2253; Sushi-lising
Headed to the range half-heartedly today as I was feeling so sleepy and I couldn’t bear to bear under the hot sun for the shoot. The shoot started late as we had some admin preparation to be done. When it’s my done, I thought I didn’t perform well as both shooter and spotter.. Several hiccups also occurred that slowed the entire shooting down. Many things could have been done better but they just screwed up like that lol. I already did my best I guess.

When asked who was interested in the entire package after the entire practice which ended in mid-afteenoon (later than expected), I didn’t put up my hand at first. I hesitated as I didn’t feel confident about my ability although I was quite captivated by it. It’s not just about preference but also perseverance to endure days of training which require one to wake up at an disdainful hour every single day. When the question was posed again with greater assurance and reiteration, I rose up my hands together with the fews who did so too. I hope I was not pinning high hopes for myself. As mentioned before, I told God and myself that I am gonna commit my utmost effort and leave the path for Him to pave.

Everything ended near the evening. I was feeling rather lethargy then. The nights out which was previously cancelled was revived at the last minute. I was intending to head out with my platoon who apparently wanted sushi too but annoying Qianhui suddenly called me and said she could make it tonight. So eventually we met at JE and roamed around looking for sushi as i expressed I wanted sushi. She had a pretty. We then found ourselves at Sushi Express. While we couldn’t Express our impatience at such a long queue, we chatted raucously while waiting for our turns. I didn’t have a good impression of the restaurant the last time i patronised it weeks ago. But this time it was better. Except the fact that the waitress didn’t clarify with me that they couldn’t delivered manually the orders customers ordered but could only add on the conveyor belt to be delivered to the orderer. Sorry for the plates of baby octopus that passed by me without being taken as I thought my order was on the way..
I also thought of an idea I found it rather brilliant as I ruminated casually on the concept of the restaurant. How romantic would it be for one to propose by sending Would You Marry Me? followed by a ring on adjacent plates towards the fiancΓ©? That’s only a small part of my bigger idea. Cool right? Thanks
It’s a great meet up all in all! Managed to book in on time. Tomorrow is gonna be a mini judgement day which I speculate to be tiring as well. Well, I better adapt to the strenuousness of the shooting training now as it’s gonna be a routine for the next few months…