Sick of sickness

by hozhijie

070415; 2157; Sick of sickness
Pretty much nothing went my way today. The only good thing was I hardly got easily bothered by all the hiccups as I was feeling so down with nausea the entire day. I managed to slept longer than the previous night but still felt more sleepy than before. Loading up the stores also invited some unnecessarily rude remarks.

The shot lasted the entire morning and the sun was not doing me any help. I also realised I left my canteen back at coy line. The stationary shots were fine but the movers were not. Things were tedious in its own ways and the persistent discomfort in me just worsened it all. The feeling was so awful but I just had to bear it. At some instances I was on the verge of vomiting. I’ve drunk too much water that I’m sick of it. I was so suddenly appointed an appointment from the start whereas others had none. Murphy and Murphy indeed.

Back in camp, I requested to report sick at the last minute. Met the MO and rejected his 3 days of light duties. Rested in bunk till dinner but the discomfort’s still there. During dinner, it’s a pleasant surprise meeting Si Yu there. Apparently he is posted here hahah. Caught up a little.

I hope I can quickly recover from this illness. It’s like a slow and painful suffering. I also noticed that I have been falling sick so frequently. It certainly calls for a better shift in lifestyle and diet. I seriously need to watch out for my sugar intake and stop indulging in bubble teas and sweet drinks too often.
Ending the night pissed off by fat cat.

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