Shoo or Shoot

by hozhijie

060415; 2135; Shoo or Shoot
Today was a rather eventful day or maybe I shall put it as more happening than expected. Irritatingly, I couldn’t force myself to sleep last night and I was literally half-awake throughout. At 6AM, I was deciding if I should head down for breakfast then and eventually I did. I was surprised that I wasn’t that zombified but still felt a tinge of sleeplessness that may coerce me to be “unconscious” anytime.
The morning kicked off with a exercise regime with the training institute. Caught up with puiHay there. It wasn’t as strenuous as the last one I participated. BUT I don’t know why I felt so nauseated during the cool down. The motion sickness from the cab ride last night hadn’t recovered? The discomfort lasted for the next hour even when I tried to rest sitting down while the rest of my platoon had their meal in the mess. Almost puked. As a result of this, a flu was spawned thereafter near noon and I was feeling so sick from then on the entire day. I really hope I can recover from this strange condition…it wasn’t my first time encountering such overwhelming giddiness.
The highlight of the day would probably be the briefing held before noon. It was about an Australian Shooting competition held in a month’s time. The briefing really made the entire tournament sound so interesting yet super challenging at the same time. Only selected fews in my platoon will be flying over in May to represent the nation in a way. I was so hyped up by the entire package yet I was and am so unconfident about my own ability to qualify for it. This entire month will be set aside for range and range indeed for the nominated ones to get ready for it. It’s pretty sad that the best shooters may not be able to even take part in the qualifying shoots held for the next three days for complicated reasons. I guess it will really be a good exposure and experience to the type of training catered there where facilities in some aspects which are limited here are present. I told myself that I gonna give it a shot (no pun intended) and I’ll accept whatever comes my way, and be happy for the chosen ones. I told God that I’ll follow His will for me whatever the outcome is. The coincidence would probably be that the departure date is held on a particular Sunday which is of significance to me in another manner hahah. I probably foresee myself in the airport in two scenarios – to send off the chosen ones or to be sent off. Such privilege only comes once in a while in either ways!
Today was also of great annoyance in both positive and negative ways. I shall neglect the latter and focus on the former. In short, my phone was deliberately locked up my in my cabinet with a lock I didn’t have the key for. After struggling so hard physically and verbally to get back the key, it’s futile and I was made to wait at least 3 hours before the other party gave in due to too sian of the situation already lol. But I find the entire scene more funny than anything too. While separated from my phone for that duration, I had a sumptuous and interactive dinner. Thereafter, I found myself chatting with some newer troopers in the unit. Lol didn’t expect the session to be so hilarious.
So now I’m munching on my kindly delivered Double cheeseburger meal as my Kana Maki was unavailable.. probably my first tasting McDonald’s without sauce lol. Gonna try turning in early tonight.