Back to Norms

by hozhijie

050415; 2321; Back to Norms?

Lying on my bunk bed now after going through so much hassle in getting into camp just now. I left house around 2110 and told myself if there’s any random cab below my block I’ll take it. Fateful enough, there’s one with green LED-display parking peacefully by the side of the road as I exited the block, seemingly as though it’s waiting for me. I knocked on the windscreen and asked the cabby if he was on service. Little did I know I got on the cab and soon after he drove me to camp.
That’s the first time I have ever cabbed to my current camp. And it’s probably my last time too. First, I had motion sickness midway through the ride. Initially I was intending to write a post from the start of the journey but I could feel the imminent dizziness. I could feel something purging out from my throat anytime too. Second, the cab fare was horrendously high at $23?! Although my average duration there was shortened by 30 minutes and I need not drag my nettlesome duffel bags to the train station and out of it, I find that it’s totally not worth the money. Third, unlike some people who successfully drove their cabs into the camp to their respective units, I was barred from going in despite pleading with the duty officer who suddenly appeared at the guard room. The heavy load and nausea were such a hindrance… So eventually I waited for Chenyou who arrived shortly in his cab too and we walked in together.
As I stepped foot into my coy line, I felt as though I’ve hardly left this isolated place. It felt I’ve been here since yesterday. There’s a subtle configuration of my belongings and locker in my bunk. So I heard some of our specs friends who stayed locally when we were away slept on each of our beds out of mischief lol. I am pretty neutral about it. Then I found some tiny cockroaches roaming around my bed. I had no choice but to arrest them and banish them into the bin. All were fine until X refused to shift his belongings away to the wall less than a metre away. I told him it’s out of the way and it hindered movement and he insistently refuted me. I didn’t bother to pursue it and continued organising my items as it’s a really trivial matter. I guess giving and taking is something I need to inculcate in myself. Loving others is about sacrifice.
I also heard about the training programme for our upcoming weeks. It’s full of shootings in the range..which means tediousness and tiredness as many things have to be accounted for and brought back and forth. There’s also a mass PT session for the institute. It’s been awhile since I worked out and I admittedly did not maintain a healthy lifestyle as I indulged in sweet drinks frequently. A part of me urged me to exercise yet the spirit is willing and the body is weak. The future in terms of programme is quite uncertain for me now. I guess I just have to go with the flow and act accordingly. One thing for sure – may I embrace anything and everything with positivity without any signs of grievances and complaint.
Lastly, Happy Easter Sunday.
And all the best to GMBand for their SYF tomorrow. My sister will be participating hahahah.